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12 March 2005 @ 11:33 pm
Mmm cupcakes  
Application: Yes it is.

Name: Jeffy Bunny

Age: 17

Location: Bangor

Picture(s): They're good.

What goes good with ketchup? KFC Potato Wedges

Pizza Hut or Domino's? Pizza the Hutt

Grape or cherry kool aid? Watermellon!

Cheese Whiz? Reminds me of the Twinky Weiner Sandwich

Chapstick or Paper clips? A million and one uses for both.

My back itches... Mine too, wanna scratch it?

If you had the opportunity to ride a fluffy llama into the sunset, would you? Sun gives you cancer, how about I just make socks out of the llama fur.

Don't you love that little scroll wheel on mouses? Only if it works.

Legos are tetris without batteries. Nah, it's hard to drop lego's in distinct patterns without making a mess. Tetris without batteries is more like a coma.

If a guy came up to you on the street and hit you in the face with a sack of nickels, would you buy the sweater in red or blue? Who cares? I'd wonder why the heck this guy is hitting me with a sack of nickles.

Goats. Sexy

You should have promoted somewhere probably. Now put your socks on and tell me where. I will promote this place on my own journal, using the first hamberger picture.
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