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05 September 2005 @ 01:58 pm

Name: alysia... a.b.c.r. (& a.b.c.d. if i married mr.dill, apparently... ?)

Age: 17.

Location: the libary. no. the library. LIE-B-RARE-EEE. remember that? from 1st grade. yeah. i rock.

Picture(s): i don't even show up for year book photos. but if you get a hold of any pictures, feel free to blackmail me. it'd be fun.

What goes good with ketchup?

Pizza Hut or Domino's? dominos w/out cheese.

Grape or cherry kool aid? kool-aid in those bottles with the twist off top. the light red. i believe that's fruit punch. grape & cherry are just ... no...

Cheese Whiz? only if you want to see my last meal.

Chapstick or Paper clips? bunny rabbits.

My back itches... & mine hurts.

If you had the opportunity to ride a fluffy llama into the sunset, would you? haha.. srry. no. i would run or walk with one into the sunset.

Don't you love that little scroll wheel on mouses? fuck yeah. this computer doesn't have one. library. ya know what one i'm talkin about? i'm addicted. to that, and having fifty million layers in psp&photoshop.

Legos are tetris without batteries. No. but ya know, i went through a time where I took all the legos (ALOT of legos...) we owned, and stack them by size & by color. what a child i was. that and setting barbies on fire....

If a guy came up to you on the street and hit you in the face with a sack of nickels, would you buy the sweater in red or blue? nope.

Goats. how bout them goats.

You should have promoted somewhere probably. Now put your socks on and tell me where. socks? fuck socks. i heared a noise, and i came out. but fuck socks.